A multi-experiment resource of analysis-ready RNA-seq gene count datasets


ReCount is an online resource consisting of RNA-seq gene count datasets built using the raw data from 18 different studies. The raw sequencing data (.fastq files) were processed with Myrna to obtain tables of counts for each gene. For ease of statistical analysis, we combined each count table with sample phenotype data to form an R object of class ExpressionSet. The count tables, ExpressionSets, and phenotype tables are ready to use and freely available here. By taking care of several preprocessing steps and combining many datasets into one easily-accessible website, we make finding and analyzing RNA-seq data considerably more straightforward.

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  • VLDS poster, 6/11 (coming soon)



Getting started with ExpressionSets

  • Here is some example code showing basic use of an ExpressionSet
  • Here is some example code showing how to recover additional gene information based on Ensembl gene ID
  • Here is the Biomart manual (for further information on recovering additional gene information)